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Our History

Respect Age International is the pioneer organization of India working for the Rights, Respect, Dignity, Service and Security of senior citizens worldwide since 1962. It was founded by H.H. Shri Hari Kishan Gupta , a Philanthropist. Respect Age International has organized felicitation and honouring ceremony of senior most citizen of different countries of the world, for developing consciousness about the respect and dignity of senior citizens. It has also organized first world congress/convention of senior citizens in India in 1979 for 9 days in different states of India.(New Delhi,U.P, Rajasthan & Maharashtra).

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Respect Age International

Respect Age International

Organization also conducted the programme to educate youth in schools and colleges for the respect and dignity for their parents and senior citizens. Nearly 1.5 lakhs students have taken oath for taking care of their parents and senior citizens. Also, they will not leave their parents after their marriage. The separate building is also constructed in Agra where training institute and short stay home for senior citizens with other facilities is available with the name RESPECT AGE BHAWAN known as SHRI HARI KISHAN VARISHTHA JAN SEVA NIKETAN & SANSTHAN. Respect age International also organizes free medical checkup and operations for Prostate,eyes, ENT and also providing dentures to senior citizens. 900 patients for the prostate checking is already done and 250 patients are operated successfully. 600 eyes patients were checked and 350 patients are operated.

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Respect age International is also a collaborator with the NISD(National Institute of Social Defence) under the ministry of social justice and Empowerment, Govt. of India to train young citizens for the Geriatric care and to manage home for senior citizens. Nearly 500 young citizens have taken training. RAI is also providing free computer training programme to senior citizens. Nearly 360 senior citizens are trained already. RAI is having MOU with the senior citizens council of Many countries for the exchange tour programme, including Mauritius and Japan etc. Nearly 260 senior citizens have availed the exchange programme with Mauritius. This is our annual programme since 2001.

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Respect Age International

Our Vision

Respect Age International

To establish a society where senior citizens can live happily, gracefully, with dignity and respect without fear and agony. They should have the full security of their life, respect and properties. The children should not feel that they are burden to them and they may not be forced to live lonely in senior citizens homes. They are the most useful, experienced, knowledgeable, segments of the society and must be accepted by all in the same spirit.

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Our Objectives

We have learned Never to give up, and be confident in whatever we do. There may be tough times, but the difficulties which we face will make us more determined to achieve our objectives and to win against all the odds.Below are the objectives on which we work.

Respect Age International

To cultivate the feeling of respect and honour for senior citizens and conduct awareness programs for them.

To Support family integration and solidarity via dialogue in schools, community forums, and local media on: inter-generational exchanges, family consultation, equitable task-sharing in the family, especially care-giving, causes and remedy of abuse of older persons in domestic setting or family.

To Provide security and support including income earning opportunities and maintain or distribute RAI Pension.

To Introduce & Establish Senior Citizens Privilege Card and publish news magazines as well.

To Act as an advisory body on geriatrics, to the Government and carryout research, collate and disseminate data.

To Establish and maintain a seniors bureau – directory of seniors according to talent and expertise, to provide paid and unpaid opportunities in community development.

To Provide medical aid, health & hygiene, adult literacy including computer education recreation, spiritual and counseling programs with running mobile dispensary and ambulance facility and establish RAI community center and aged home.

To Support practices that ensure dignity in death, support in bereavement, and respect for the wishes of older persons in these regards.

To Support surrogate kinship programmes of families or community groups for older persons living alone.

To Establish joint ventures abroad and felicitate senior citizens by giving different International awards.


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