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respect age international !

Respect Age International is the First & the Oldest Society of India established in the year 1962 which is working globally for graceful ageing.

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Secret of Longevity: In Mar 1963 RAI appealed to all the countries to send information on all persons aged 100 yrs and more. The aim was to felicitate them and conduct research to find out the secret of th eir longevity. Accordingly a questionnaire was sent to be filled by the centenarians. The society is in possession of a vast number of data on the subject. Researchers in the field of ageing are welcome to study them. Studies have shown that :-

  • Almost all centenarians are Vegetarians.
  • Eat more vegetables than grain.
  • Drink plenty of Water.
  • Abstain from alcohol, drugs and tobacco in all forms.
  • All confirm to some faith or the other.
  • Meditation and exercise helps.
  • Long periods of fast and eat little.
  • Philosophy confirms to a
  • Just World Belief
  • i.e. good people are rewarded and bad people are punished.
  • Maintaining a positive attitude and
  • Psychological well being
  • promotes longevity. Women suffer more sickness than men but their attitude helps them to over come many problems.
  • Feeling of wanted leads to satisfaction

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We are basically a charitable, secular, social welfare, non-political society, registered under the societies registration act and Registered with Ministry Of Social Justice, Ministry of Finance and Ministry Of Home, Government Of India.

RAI is involved in educating youth for Human & Spritual values. Its main aim is to advocate Unity of Senior citizens worldwide for their security & Happiness. Respect Age International is the pioneer organization of India working for the Rights, Respect, Dignity, Service and Security of senior citizens worldwide since 1962.

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